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Region: Antiques

Sporting and waterfowling pictures by artist David Hagerbaumer. Some of these pictures may be covered by plastic covers to ensure there protection and the photographs taken may reflect this. These original works and prints are all in mint condition.

ORIGINAL pencil drawing by David Hagerbaumer for the book, Waterfowling These Past Fifty Years, Especially Brant, pg. 164, 1998. Signed by artist and inscribed..." One day i got tired of fighting the tides and the idea came to me to set up on Middle Sand Island at extreme high tide mark. I scratched out a nest in some grass amongst a lot of drift. My shadows were scattered about on the sandy knoll within thirty yards of the channel. I was set up by good light and then spent most of the day watching lots of grout who weren't the least bit interested in my new theory. I relaxed my vigil and you guessed it, right then, a bird blundered by in range and caught me flat footed. no way to get switched around, so i slapped the old 870 to my port side and by jingos, i got that smart aleck!" Picture not framed and measures 11" x 8".

ORIGINAL pencil drawing signed by artist David Hagerbaumer for the book, Best Birds, Chapter 10, pg. 79. Marked on back Grouse in the coast range of Oregon. Picture not framed and measures 11" x 7 1/2".

Teal and Sweet Gun II A/P. Print signed and named by artist. Not framed. Print was from and original pen sketching marked DH 8 and measures 11" x 8". High quality reproduction on naturally laid matt paper to mimic the original.

High Quality print. Signed and numbered by artist. 326/450. Marked Published in 1981 after an original watercolor by David Hagerbaumer, Limited Edition of 450, at the top left and Printed in the USA Copyrighted David Hagerbaumer, at the top right. Print is unframed and measures 30" x 24".

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