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Region: Antiques
Price: $4,950.00 SOLD BUT WE HAVE OTHERS !

SOLD BUT WE HAVE OTHERS ***** E.J. CHURCHILL 12 BORE XXV BOXLOCK SXS SPORTING GUN SN 5273. CIRCA 1937. Fine English dbl with 25 inch steel bbls choked mod/imp cyl with narrow, flat, tapered, matted rib, single bead, third bite rib extension, ejectors, dbl underbites dbl triggers. Bbl flats have nitro proofs to 1 1/8 oz. and are marked 1 1/2 inch. Chambers are 2 9/16 inch. Webley style boxlock action with rosettes around pins and bottom screws and makers name on each side. Floorplate has a crown toward front end. Mounted with very nicely figured, slab sawed English walnut with checkered splinter forearm and straight hand stock, 14 1/4 inch over a checkered butt. bore diameter: left .728 right .728. bore restrictions: left .024 right .010. wall thickness: left .032 right .032. drop at heel: 2 1/8 inches. drop at comb: 1 5/8 inches. weight: 6 lbs 2.88 oz.

Condition: Very fine. Bbls retain most of their bright orig rust blue with slight muzzle edge wear. Receiver, top tang and trigger plate are bright silvered case colors while floorplate and trigger guard retain most of their restored finish. Wood is sound with mInor handling and use marks and retains most of a fine professionally restored finish. Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bores.

EDWIN JOHN CHGURCHILL (c.1855-1910), the founder, served his time, not with the London trade, but at the old established business of William Jeffrey & Son of Dorchester. E.J. worked first for Mr. F.T. Baker in Fleet Street before he set up on his own at 8 Agar Street, in the Strand in 1891. He was briefly joined by his son H.E.J. Churchill who died tragically at the early age of 20. Churchill owned a shooting ground in Kent, where his customers could receive tuition and also be providedwith ample practice.

He was joined by his nephew Robert Churchill (b.1886) and after the death of the founder in 1910 the running of the business was taken over by Robert. In post WW1 he experimented with a lightweight short barreled game gun which eventually evolved into his 25 inch barreled Churchill "XXV". Robert died in 1958 and the firm was acquired by Atkin, Grant & Lang which continues today.


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