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Region: Antiques

SOLD ***** SHEBLE & FISHER MODEL 1840 CIVIL WAR HEAVY CAVALRY SWORD. 35 1/2 inch plain curved blade with two fullers 1 1/4 inches wide at the ricasso. Three bar brass basket handguard with Phrygian Helmet pommell. Original spiral wood grip with small amount of wire remaining. No leather covering remaining. No scabbard present.

Condition: Good with even patina on all metal surfaces. Brass handguard is somewhat bent.

Notes: Sheble & Fisher made swords from 1861-1864. Their offices were based in Philadelphia with their factory in Frankfort. Their offices were at 3 North 5th. Street, Philadelphia. They were listed in 1859 as Sheble, Lawson & Fisher. In 1860 Samuel Sheble & John Fisher were listed as fork manufacturers. By 1862, they were listed under military goods in the BD & in 1863 as manufacturers of hay & manure forks, swords. They made artillery, cavalry & NCO swords & sword bayonets on contract for the U.S. Government during the Civil War. (September 24, 1861) "... and are having machinery made for the purpose of mnanufacturing cavalry sabers which has obliged them to lay out considerable money for that purpose...and having been obliged to borrow money to enable them to put in the machinery for the manufacture of sabers &c" This pressed them for cash in the short term. Their usual business being the manufacture of iron forks. DAMGD&M 1785-1915 Bazelon & McGuinn.

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