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Region: Antiques
Price: $20,000.00 ! HURRY !

***** HERE ***** AUGUSTE FRANCOTTE PERCUSSION DUELING PISTOLS MID 18th CENTURY SN 3127. Matched pair numbered "1" & "2". Sn 3127 marked on bottom of each barrel. Cal .36. Smooth bore. 10 7/8 inch octagonal barrels with false breeches. Minute blade rear sight. Rear sight screw for elevated sights and equally minute blade front sight on dovetailed steel base. Top of each barrel engraved "A. FRANCOTTE A LIEGE FAIR POUR JOSE' LOPEZ." Locks, barrel breeches, and trigger guards engraved in finely detailed English style scrollwork. Fluted and carved select walnut stocks. Mountings of steel. Including spurred triggerguards and faceted butt plates with turned gothic finals.

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Auguste Francotte & Cie, is one of the oldest, (Maison Fondee 1805), of the world's few fine Gunmakers. It's founding pre-dates that of both James Purdey and Holland and Holland of London. Francotte guns are owned by most of the world's industrial leaders, chief's of state, and the crowned heads of Europe and Asia. Each gun, or set of guns, is a special creation designed and executed with precision and artistry to please a specific customer by the finest gunmakers of their time or any time ! EACH ONE OR SET IS UNIQUE! Options and embellishments are limited only by the imagination and desires of the customer.

Auguste Francotte: Distinguished Liege Belgium Gunmakers, to the King of Belgium, This fine set of dueling pistols was made for and presented to Jose Hilario Lopez (1798-1869) circa 1850-1860 who was the President / Dictator of Colombia, South America circa 1850. (Google "Jose Hilario Lopez" for more information on this noted South American military & political leader who began his military career at the tender age of 14 and fought in the War of Independence against Spain and helped overthrow the Military Government of Rafael Urdaneta in 1831. He also remained active in the Civil Wars following his term as President). Provenance for this fine set of dueling pistols is indisputable. They are of museum quality.

Call George @ THE LAND COMPANY (803) 240-3271 or E-Mail palmettotreasure@aol.com


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